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I'm Victoria, your typical 20-something makeup and beauty addict and obsessive. My love for everything makeup and beauty related started at a young age after playing with my mum's makeup collection when she would get ready to go out. Soon after I got my first job I would save up and spend my hard-earned pennies on the latest collections at the drugstore makeup counters. Since then my makeup collection has grown extensively, the quality of the products has dramatically improved and my bank account is considerably emptier. As unglamorous as working my 9-5 office job is, it has made it possible for me to afford my makeup and beauty collection and fuel my obsession that little more. As much as I love collecting makeup, I also love playing with it. I have recently just received a formal qualification, a level three diploma in a makeup artistry course. I'm hoping my hard work will pay off and get my foot in the door to the beauty industry. Which is why I have decided to start this beauty blog in my little corner of the internet, so I can write reviews, share tutorials, tips and tricks and give something to the beauty world. I'm not new to the blogosphere, but i'm excited to finally share this blog with you all. If you have any tips for a newbie beauty blogger please leave me a comment and say hello!

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