Bobbi Brown Hot Cocoa Palette


When I heard of the Hot Cocoa palette a few months back I wanted it right away.

Bobbi Brown have created some incredible palettes, and this one was absolutely perfect for me. Sadly they were only available in Nordstrom for a limited amount of time, so I gave up my hopes of owning the Hot Cocoa palette.

Fast forward a few months later where I was shopping in my local Cosmetic Company Outlet store. If you are unfamiliar with CCO, it is an outlet store that houses the makeup brands under Estee Lauder  Companies and sells overstock or discontinued products. In short, best store ever. I have found so many products that I previously couldn't get my hands on, I even found a few MAC 217 brushes for £12! As usual I was browsing the shelves until I noticed a familiar palette in the Bobbi Brown section. Once I realised that they were selling the Hot Cocoa palette in England and for a cheaper price I had a little burst of excitement. After a few odd looks from customers around me I quickly purchased the palette and left feeling very smug with myself after finding one.

The palette comes with four beautiful, richly hued eye shadows with the ever-so-popular Bellini blush. You get the eye shadow shades Cream, Velvet Plum Metallic, Chino, Nude Beach Metallic, Warm Sand, Pink Dusk Metallic, Sandy Pearl Sparkle & Black Chocoalte. Each shade is very pigmented and very buttery which makes them blend like a dream. Although the eye shadows are fairly small, you get a decent amount of the Bellini blush which is a big bonus for me. This palette is perfect for travelling with as the shades will give you many versatile eye looks. Although this was intended to be more of a 'Fall' palette, I use these colours a lot in the summer to compliment a tan, so this will be perfect for my upcoming holidays. 

This just goes to show that a good hunt through an outlet store is worth it! Originally this palette was £60 but I purchased it for £40. Sadly I cannot find this online anymore, but I know that they are still available in CCO stores if you have one near you. 


  1. Tamira Alison5/20/2014

    What a lovely palette!! I can definitely see this being a staple - that blush colour is absolutely gorgeous!! Lovely post. T xx

  2. Celina5/21/2014

    This is such a lovely palette! I haven't tried much from Bobbi Brown but I'm definitely tempted to try more. xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  3. Love the look of this palette, especially the eyeshadow colours, gorgeous! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | ASOS or Feelunique £25 Voucher Giveaway

  4. Its by far my favourite outlet store, we get spoiled for choice!

  5. Its my perfect palette!

  6. She does some amazing products, you have to give some of them a try

  7. Its so pretty! I've wanted to try it for ages so I'm glad I got it with the palette

  8. Bobbi Brown never ceases to amaze me with her gorgeous eyeshadow palettes. I get quite discouraged though because they all seem to be limited edition! Sad. :(


  9. This palette is seriously beautiful & wish I could get my hands on it! Sadly we don't have CCO stores near where I live so maybe when I go in the states this summer I will find a store in the outlets! xx

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle


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