Lets Talk About Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown never seems to go wrong.

There aren't many brands that out there where I can create an entire full face of makeup using exclusively their products, but Bobbi Brown is definitely an exception. 

I have been so impressed by pretty much everything I have tried from Bobbi Brown, from the formula of their foundations, the pigmentation of their blushes to their incredible shimmer bricks - There is quality in every single product.  

The Face

CC Cream - For a lighter base I have been loving the Colour Correcting cream. A light coverage that covers my stubborn redness, has illuminating qualities and has UV protection? This ticks all of the boxes for my perfect everyday base. By some miracle this manages to diminish my redness, but still allows to let my freckles show through, making it look is if my skin is naturally perfect (our secret, don't tell anyone!) 

Luminous Moisturising Treatment foundation - Luminous Skin? check. Moisturised skin? check. build-able coverage? check. A foundation that can do all of the above? This product ticks all of the boxes. It gives me glowing skin, it feels more like a tinted moisturiser and its a lovely foundation. Do I need to say more? 

Corrector - Im sure you have heard all about this incredible product. One of my holy grail products for my under eye area. Pretty much all but one other concealer I have ever tried creases under my eyes and it drives me insane! Luckily I found my saving grace. A peach toned cream based product that makes my dark circles disappear and it completely brightens up the area. A very quick and easy product to use to make me look a little less dead for work on a Monday morning.  

Tinted Eye Brightener - Quick tip,  I don't actually use this under my eyes. Like I said above, I have an issue with creasing so instead I use this on any areas of my face that I want to brighten. This method makes my skin look as if it is glowing from within. A shade lighter than my complexion, a few swipes on the highest points of my face, blend and you are good to go. 

Corrective Spot Treatment - Throughout my teens I boasted about my perfect skin, come my twenties and oh my how the tables have turned. You know those really annoying, painful under the skin pimples that seem to take forever to disappear - yeah, story of my life. However, this product helps me with covering them (thank god I found it). This colour corrects the skin instead, this means you only need a little bit to hid the redness instead of caking on the concealer. It lasts all day, it isn't drying and it has a lovely calming effect on the blemish. 

Sheer Finish Setting Powder - This yellow based powder is one of my favourites to set my base. Although I have dry skin, no matter what I always set my under eye area and my T zone to prevent getting shinny throughout the day. I love this as it sets my base, the yellow tone makes it more natural looking and it doesn't look or feel cakey on the skin.

Brightening Finishing Powder - If I feel like my skin isn't 'glowing' enough I like to finish of my skin with a touch of the brightening finishing powder. I take it on a fluffy brush and lightly dust it over my skin to enhance the radiance. It's a very finely milled shimmer, think 'glow' over 'sparkle' - we aren't trying to look like Edward Cullen over here!

Bronzer - You cannot go wrong with their Bronzer. They have so many shades catering from fair to deep skin tones. They are very natural on the skin giving you a sun kissed look. Easy and simple, you cannot go wrong with them. 

Blush - Bobbi Brown is famous for her blushes, and I can tell you why. They have the prettiest selection of colours with such high quality. They are so pigmented and so easy to work with. I don't know how they do it, but they seem to make the most unwearable, hot pink shade universal - meaning it will look good on a range of skin tones.

Shimmer Bricks - One day I will own every shimmer brick they create. You guys know I love glowing skin, so this is a no brainer product for me. I love to use this in the summer to enhance my tan. Its a diverse product, I use it a few ways - either as a sheer all over illuminator, a highlighter or as an eye shadow. You can use the shades individually or swirl them together for a customised look.

The Tools -  Bobbi's Brushes are definitely some of the best I have ever used, and I am very picky when it comes to brushes. They have a very luxurious feeling to them, from the way they look to the way they feel - and did I mention they are fantastic for makeup application? If they suit your budget definitely give them a go. 

Long wear Cream Shadow - The cream eye shadows are fantastic on their own or work as a great base for eye shadow. I love the colour selection in the range, they are all very wearable colours. They blend   like dream and they stay put throughout the day. Some days I will opt for a cream shadow over powder I want to go for a more natural, polished look.

Eye Shadow - The colour selection in the eye shadow range are some of the prettiest I have ever seen. There is a huge choice of shades and finishes, from matte to glittery - you'll find one that is perfect for every occasion. The matte colours feel like butter, they are so easy to work with and blend flawlessly making application in the mornings a breeze. The glittery colours are just stunning, they work well on their own or layered over matte/shimmery eye shadow for a more intense look.

Gel Liner - Hands down, the best Gel liner I have used. This is the blackest formula you will ever use, it doesn't budge throughout the day and its easier to apply than you think. I managed to apply winged eyeliner on a my plane journey to New York with this product and it came out perfectly! If you like a bold eyeliner, you'll love this.

Smokey Eye Mascara - I am extremely fussy when it comes to mascaras. I am not easily pleased, but this one is one of my favourites. It gives you the most perfect looking, fluttery eyelashes. Its lengthening, thickening and it doesn't clump. I like to use one coat in the day to for a subtle, fluttery look, or I like to layer it in the evenings for a more intense eye look. 

Lip Balm - Such a simple product, but a must have in your makeup bag. I have super chapped lips all the time, so I carry this with me everywhere I go. It has SPF 15 and it isn't oily or sticky which means its very comfortable to wear while its conditioning and protecting your lips. 

High Shimmer Lip Gloss - I even surprised myself by liking this product. To me, the words shimmer and gloss should lever be used together as, from experience, its a recipe for disaster. However, Bobbi Brown made a shimmery lip gloss that I like - miracles can happen. These glosses compliment lipstick so nicely. The shimmer isn't over powering, its light reflecting which makes your lips look more plump and poutier. 

Lipstick - Creamy, longlasting and non drying, these lipsticks are a dream to wear. The shade range is  on the natural side, meaning that the shades will give your lips that 'your lips but better' look. Typically my day to day lipstick is a basic peach or rose shade, so these lipsticks are perfect for those who prefer the more natural look. 


  1. Brooke Mire6/11/2014

    Such a useful post! I haven't tried anything from Bobbi Brown yet, but this post was super helpful. Thanks Victoria!

  2. Mia Rose6/11/2014

    OMG I love your blog, I had to follow! This was an amazing post, I loved how detailed it is x

  3. Blair Edwards6/11/2014

    I love Bobbi Brown, we have the same taste in products. I need to try out those eyeshadows, they look divine x x

  4. Devon Weslie6/11/2014

    I need those brushes in my life

  5. Clarabella6/12/2014

    fantastic post Victoria!

  6. Thank you! Im glad you found it helpful

  7. Thanks Mia, I worked hard on this one - it took a while to write but it was worth it

  8. I can't recommend them enough, the warm toned brown is spot on!

  9. You do, they are so luxurious. I love how pretty they look in my brush holders!

  10. Wow, what a seriously great post!

    I love Bobbi Brown and strangely I have all of her books but vey minimal makeup products from her (although I do own the Rich Chocolate and Old Hollywood limited edition eyeshadow palettes which are one of my most dear palettes in my collection).

    I can tell you worked very hard on this post and it shows. Very informative, and excellent photos, the lighting is superb.

    Look forward to seeing more!


    PS-I definitely need that brick bronzer!


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