Christmas for Him: Clinique for Men Essentials Kit


Christmas is right around the corner and if you're struggling to find the perfect present for a special guy in your life, I got you covered. I am the worst at buying presents for men! Whether it be for my dad, my cousins or that special someone, I'm always stuck on what to give them for Christmas. Of course I'll buy the usual Christmas boxers and obligatory chocolate, but this year I am on a mission to find the perfect gifts for men. 

My dad is into his skincare, and luckily for me, I know my way around the beauty department. I knew exactly what I wanted and Clinique had just the kit I needed. The Clinique for Men Essentials Kit* is a great all-round gift set and is a perfect stocking filler for skin care veterans and newbies. 

The kit comes with all of the basics -  face scrub, face wash, moisturising lotion and an anti-aging eye cream.  The face scrub is fairly abrasive and it will help tremendously with ingrown hairs, especially for men who shave! This kit is a great buy for those with oily skin as the face wash is an oil-free, gel consistency, which is going to help combat oily skin without drying it out as it has some moisturising properties. The face and eye-cream are perfect moisturisers for men as they are fuss fee as there is no noticeable fragrance and it will moisturise the skin without leaving it greasy looking. The sizing is also perfect, especially for those who travel a lot or don't have a lot of storage in their bathroom. The packaging is very clean looking and understated, which is typical of men's beauty products, but I think  it looks a lot less intimidating for those who are new to skincare. 

If you are a beauty girl and you are stuck on a mens gift idea, I highly recommend a skin care gift set! They are an affordable way to try something new and a great stocking filler.  Who knows, maybe your guy will love it tease you less about the amount of beauty products you own... Fingers crossed?


  1. I brought on of the Clinque men's set for my brother a few Christmas' ago and he loved it. he was actually in the army at the time and had to fight his fellow servicemen to stop them using it!


  2. Im glad to hear he loved it! I know my dad is going to be so happy with this :) x


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