My top 5 favourite Lush products


I love Lush and everything it stands for. They are against animal testing, they use only ingredients that are vegetarian and are good for you skin and they try to be as environmentally friendly as they can. I think its brilliant that Lush as a company have so many values, when I buy products from them I know that they are 100% animal friendly, they have been made fresh in store and i'm buying products that my skin is going to benefit from. Best of all the products work a charm! 

Earlier this year my skin care routine used to be entirely Lush products, I saw a big improvement in my skin and I loved using them until I started getting painful breakouts under my skin. I assumed it was the Lush products as I had changed up my skin care routine completely and stopped using them. It wasn't until recently I realised that it was actually my birth control causing these break outs - not my Lush products! So I have started to use them again and I am loving them again.

I love a lot of the products Lush make, they have a very large range of products but everything is made so well and with ingredients your skin is going to love. I couldn't include all of my favourite Lush products in this post because it would never end, but I just about managed to pick out my top 5 that I wanted to share with you all.

Dream Cream

Dream Cream is probably one of Lush's most popular products. I use this body lotion right after I get out of the shower and before I get into bed. It makes my skin silky smooth and you know those little lumps you can get on the back of your arms? Yup, mine have gone since I have been using this! I really like the consistency of the product, it sinks in quickly so you can slather this on and put clothes on without having to wait for it to dry and it smells heavenly. This is also brilliant for anyone suffering with eczema, quite a few people have told me that this helps clears it up pretty quickly as its very calming. 

Ro's Argon Body Conditioner

I fell in love with this product after using it for the first time last year. Ro's Argon Body Conditioner does what is says on the tub, its like a conditioner for your hair but you use this on your body. When i'm feeling like I need a bit of a pampering or my skin isn't feeling its best I give my body a good scrub with an exfoliating scrub, turn the shower down and massage this all over my body. It has Argon oil in it that is a great source of Vitamin E, so when you wash this off your skin it feels baby soft and incredibly moisturised. The great thing about this product is that it is vegan and it also has a light scent of roses and vanilla which lasts all day long. 

Eau Roma Water

I like to use this product two different ways - After I cleanse I like to spritz a bit of this on to a cotton wool pad to remove any excess dirt or makeup from my face and its a great little refresher throughout the day. Eau Roma Water is a gentle facial toner that is very refreshing and calming. It has lavender and rose water ingredients that help to keep the skin hydrated without causing it to overreact, so this is great if you have sensitive skin! Sometimes during the day my skin needs a quick pick me up, so I spritz a bit of this all over my face and I am good to go. 

9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion

I don't use this cleanser every single day, but this is perfect if I am in a rush. Like I have said before, I am not a morning person. Sometimes I wakeup a little late for work and I don't have time to wash my face or start my entire morning skincare routine. The 9 to 5 cleanser is a life saver for those mornings when i'm in a hurry. I use a cotton pad to smooth this all over my face and any traces of my night treatments or oil and grease are gone. It has a very light formula that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and it smells lovely. 

Popcorn Lip Scrub

I don't know where I would be with out this miracle worker. The lip scrubs  from Lush are all amazing, they work wonders and they taste yummy. The popcorn flavour that I have is limited edition for Christmas but it lasts for ages, I've had mine since last year and you could barely tell I use this nearly every day. You simply use your finger to massage the scrub over the lips to keep them looking and feeling smooth - the best part is its made from sugar and sea salt, so you can lick it off the excess and it tastes just like popcorn!

What are some of your favourite products from Lush?

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