Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Eye Palette Review


If you have been following by blog since the beginning,  you would know that I have a weakness for Bobbi Brown eye shadow palettes. For my birthday I received the latest palette from Bobbi Brown that has been released for Christmas, the Old Hollywood Eye Palette. There is no surprise that Bobbi and the team picked the perfect colours for the party season. It has a mixture of cool and warm tones with glitter and matte finishes, so this is a very versatile palette.

 I'm impressed with the entire collection, they have really embodied the 'Old Hollywood' idea and used very classic shades with both shimmer and matte finishes to create a very glamorous and beautiful range. 

L - R
Ivory (matte), Golden Pink (metallic), Gold (glitter), Opal (glitter), Fog (matte)

I am very impressed with the shade range in this palette. It has just the right colours to create many different looks, with the perfect amount of shimmer and matte finishes. I like how they kept the palette very neutral based so this will look with all different skin tones and eye colours. I think a lot of brands can go a little crazy during the holiday season and some collections aren't suitable for everyone. Some collections can be either too cool toned or warm toned with too many unwearable colours, but Bobbi Brown has got it spot on this year.  

L - R

Beige (matte), Chocolate Bronze (glitter), Candlelight Gold (metallic), Eclipse (matte)

The colours I have been using the most are Opal, Beige, Candlelight Gold and Eclipse. I don't necessarily wear all of these shade together at once, so I have been creating some beautiful eye looks with this palette. 

Opal is a beautiful glittery silver shade with a hint of purple undertones. It isn't the most pigmented so I normally pack it on over a base colour to make the glitter really intense and noticeable. Beige, for me, is the perfect crease and transition colours. If I am doing an intense eye look, I like to use this colour in the crease because its matte and very blend-able. Candlelight Gold is a very pigmented, champagne-gold shade with a satin finish. It is probably my favourite shade in the entire palette, it is a very easy colour to work with because its so pigmented and super blend-able. It works great as a base colour for a smokey eye or on its own for a wash of colour.  Eclipse is an intense matte black shade, perfect for smudging into the lash line and darkening up the outer third of the eye for a little more drama. 

Old Hollywood Eye Palette available here for £59


  1. SUCH a lovely palette! You're so lucky that you received it for your birthday! I'm really hoping to get it for Christmas! I have the Rich Chocolate palette that she released earlier and I love that she has a mixture of matte and shimmery colors. I'm new to her eye palettes but she's been putting out some really gorgeous ones lately!

    Great review, Victoria!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful palette. Great post x

  3. I love the old hollywood look, its just so classy and chic and I really like this palette. I have to check it out next time I am in town.

  4. Anonymous11/28/2013

    such a pretty palette ! would you like to follow each other :) xx

  5. beautiful palette! would you like to follow eachother?

  6. The palette looks gorgeous!

  7. Anonymous12/28/2013

    I got this for Christmas and am really disappointed. I find the colours not very pigmented at all, either wet or dry, I can't get any depth, no matter how much I layer. And fall out is terrible! Even with a base. I feel very bad for my Mother who spent so much on something I can't wear. *sad*

  8. I got this for my birthday too and I LOVE it. xx


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