New York Wishlist


This time next week I will be in the city that never sleeps to celebrate my birthday. Although it was a few weeks ago, my family and I decided we would rather go to New York towards the end of the month when the Christmas decorations are up and the Thanksgiving sales have started. I have had my eye on some products for a while now and thought New York would be the perfect place to get them. 

The Naked 3 palette was released a few days ago in perfect time so I can pick one up for myself before it launches in the UK. I know I really do not need another neutral palette, but I cannot resist the rose gold and pink tones in the Naked 3. 

I am incredibly late on the bandwagon with this, but I am finally going to pick up a Clarisonic Mia. I have wanted one for the longest time, but could never really bring myself to pay out the $125 price tag. After a lot of research, I have decided to give it a go and see if this will help my skin. I'm still not sure what colour I am going to get and I hope they have these in stock! 

I planned on purchasing the Chantecaille Just Skin in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, but I couldn't find it anywhere! Luckily I had this trip book to New York so I knew I could pick it up then. I have heard great things about this tinted moisturiser. I tend to prefer them to foundations on typical days like when I'm working or when I feel I don't need as much coverage. 

I need a new serum for the nighttime and I have decided to pick up the Keihls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This has had some great reviews so i'm not put off by the $70 price tag. It is supposed to smooth out fine lines, restore your skin and make it healthier. Its also free of parabens, which is a great plus for me!

NARS Blushes and Tom Ford lipsticks are a staple in most beauty bloggers makeup bags. I have two NARS blushes and I have been so impressed with them I wanted to get a few more. They have great colour pay off and they last a long time too because they are so pigmented. Tom Ford makeup is a line I am dying to try, but I haven't got around to it yet. After hearing rave reviews about their lipsticks, I am intrigued to see if they are worth the hype.

Diptyque Candles are not related to beauty but it seems like every other beauty blogger has these candles expect for me and I want to know what the fuss is all about! I love my Yankee and White company candles so i'm sure I am going to love these too. I'm not familiar which the scents so if there are any I need to try then please let me know. 



  1. you wish list has a lot of things in my wish list.

    Really want the Naked 3 and a Nars Blusher

    New follower

    Carrieanne x

  2. Hope you enjoy New York! I went there for New Years 2012 and it's so perfect <3 I love this list - completely lusting after Naked3. xoxo


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