Bare Escentuals Seeing Stars Collection


Let me start off this post by apologising for being MIA the last few weeks. I have been in America and spent two weeks traveling around with my boyfriend. I had an amazing time venturing around Las Vegas, Chicago, Wisconsin and Kentucky - We didn't stop for the entire two weeks! I treated myself to quite a bit of makeup while I was away, but the collection I am most excited to share is the latest collection from one of my favourite brands Bare Escentuals. I really like the mirrored packaging and a few of the exclusive shades makes this a must-have for the Autumn season.

I am so happy I picked up the Seeing Stars collection while I was in Downtown Chicago. I have been loving everything that is included in the collection and the colours have been perfectly selected for the autumn season. The first product in the collection is the Bare Minerals Ready Illuminating Touch Up Veil. I am a huge fan on the original Mineral Veil so to find a pressed powder in the collection was a nice bonus for me. The pressed Touch Up Veil means less mess and it has illuminating qualities that reflect the light of your face giving you a natural glow through out the day. This is perfect for throwing in my hand bag when i'm on the go so I can touch up my makeup during the day without worrying about the mess of the original loose powder. 

I have been loving the Afterglow blush since I purchased the collection. I am a big fan of bare minerals blushes and Afterglow is no exception. I have been using this everyday and it gives my skin a very subtle glow and adds the perfect amount of warmth to my face. Its a gorgeous rosy shade with a hint of plum, making it a perfect shade for Autumn. 

Bare Escentuals have outstanding eye shadows and we are spoiled with for neutral, shimmery shades. When used together these shades create a beautiful brown smokey eye which I tend to favour this time of year. 'Queen Phyllis' is a shimmery, pale golden shade which is suitable for both day and night. It works as a great neutral base for a smokey eye or can be used alone for a classic eye look. 'Supernova' is a beautiful shimmery bronzed copper shade and is my favourite eye shadow out of the four. It is a perfect Autumn shade that I can quickly sweep across my eye lids and i'm ready to go. This is another shade that is great on its on as well as used with the other three shades. 'Queen Tiffany' has a great formula with makes it blend seamlessly with the Precision Eye brush . Its similar shade to Supernova but has more brown undertones making it a great crease colour. The final eye colour is 'Behold', a plum based, matte shade that is another great crease colour and perfect when smudged in the lashline. It adds depth and warmth to a smokey eye look. 

The Lash Domination Mascara caught me eye early on during my trip in America. I love Bare Minerals mascaras so when I found the mascara in the collection it didn't think twice about purchasing it. It has a huge brush which I love as I find it gets every lash, especially the longer ones at the outer corner of my eye. This mascara really lengthens my eyelashes and adds volume, which has already gotten me a lot of compliments on my lashes. I really recommend trying Bare Minerals Mascaras, especially this one as they have all worked brilliantly for me. 

The collection also comes with two lip glosses (which I forgot to photograph! Woops!) A Plum shade 'Spellbinder' and an iridescent nude shade 'Nude Pearl'. Im not a fan of lipgloss but these are two shades I would consider wearing. They have a minty flavour and a slight plumping effect which are great for my tiny lips! Spellbinder is a beautiful shade and works great with a classic, neutral eye and Nude Pearl compliments any smokey eye. 

This specific collection is only available in the US for $54 but the UK Bare Minerals have released a similar collection 'Bring on the Night' for £45. The collections are always worth the money because we are spoiled with the products and we get an awful lot for the price we spend - saving us a lot of money!


  1. Oh my! Victoria! I just decided to check out your blog after looking over some comments on Kayleigh's(Couture Girl) post and holy crap am I glad I did! I love how you set up your photos and your blog looks so nice!

    1. Thank you so much, you're so sweet!


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